“We believe in the power of children’s interests as a tool for learning”

We believe that each child must be respected and valued as an individual to learn and develop to their fullest potential. We aim to provide a learning centre that is responsive to the unique nature of all children, families, staff and the community and acknowledge and honour the importance of diversity and difference.

The curriculum should be built upon children’s own experiences, knowledge, skills, attitudes, needs, interests, and views of the world. We believe in the power of children’s interests as a tool for learning and the importance of providing opportunities and resources to extend upon these interests.

Each child learns in his or her own way through open-ended exploration and play. By allowing children choices and by encouraging them to explore, co-operate, experiment, create, ask questions, interact, investigate, discover and express themselves the child is seen as a capable and resourceful contributor to the programme.

The process of development is internally driven and influenced by interactions and relationships with others. Children’s development is viewed holistically and the developmental domains of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language skills are integrally interwoven into the curriculum.

Parents and families are the most important people in children’s lives and the most significant influence on their learning. The power of partnerships with families is essential to the development of shared goals for children. The formation of such partnerships fosters trust and creates a sense of shared responsibility and collaboration.

We play a vital role in shaping the future of children through the provision of high quality care. We will advocate to the community that we are a valuable resource by demonstrating exceptional conduct at all times. This conduct shall abide by the legislation and organisations that bind our profession.

Staff will excel when their individual talents and contributions are acknowledged and valued. We believe in the vital nature of lifelong learning and acknowledge the importance of experience, formal qualification and professional development. We believe that knowledge and understanding of child development is essential to enhance the curriculum and the uniqueness of each child.

The physical environment should be used as a learning resource and provide children with an appreciation of beauty and aesthetics through the provision of rich materials, resources and surroundings. We believe that the environment should guarantee the health, safety and wellbeing of all children, families and staff.

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Babies by the Bay
at Mimi’s, Cronulla

12 John Street,
Cronulla NSW 2230
Phone 02 9523 4805

Babies by the Bay,

112 Nicholson Parade,
Cronulla NSW 2230
Phone 02 9527 5744

Babies by the Bay,
Double Bay

5 South Avenue,
Double Bay NSW 2028
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Tarella House,

3 Amherst Street,
Cammeray NSW 2062
Phone 02 9954 9317